The ceramic artist Laurent Merchant presents a collection of simple and decorative pottery in stoneware and porcelain, one of a kind vessels, ceramic sculpture and his unique ceramic singing bowls which have become the main focus of his research.
Each section has it's own gallery where you'll find the pieces available for sale. On line payment through Paypal and shipping worldwide. Take the time to look around and explore, enjoy your visit!

If you're looking for "le Steamer" the ceramic steam cooker, there is now a specific website:


The ceramic vessel in all it's diversity, from the primordial bowl, open and generous, to the secret and protective covered jar, not to mention the teapot and jug... aspects of the relationship between interior and exterior are reviewed in the Vessels Gallery


Pure shape, volume of stone, texture of earth or surface of glass, nature and architecture, containers of nothing, or space or imagination. Explorations in ceramic form in the Sculpture Gallery

Singing Bowls

The earth reveals it's vibratory qualities, the potter becomes instrument maker. Each bowl is a musical instrument in itself, each one a singular voice. Find a special selection of ceramic singing bowls in the Singing Bowl Gallery

Parabolic Orchestra

Imagine a musical instrument, the only one of it's kind, composed of 24 ceramic singing bowls and the musicians who play and accompany it;
discover Parabolic Orchestra