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two black sculptural vases

A question of space and form

What if the container contained nothing? What if the form enclosed only space? For technical reasons a ceramic sculpture is necessarily hollow, it therefore contains something, if only emptiness. Does that make a container of the immaterial a functional object?

Ceramics is an art of transformation, during the process of creation clay transforms itself. Hands work and the clay finds it's form, structure emerges as the material hardens, water evaporates into air before the earth can encounter fire.

Space is enclosed and defined gradually then separated from the exterior by walls, at first supple and soft then becoming more and more rigid and receptive to detail, a surface appears. The ways of working change to follow the evolutions in progress. An architecture develops that must take into account the changes that will only cease after the last firing has cooled.

Sculpture Gallery

Ceramic artist Laurent Merchant

two hands throwing a bowl

Laurent Merchant was born in 1958 near Bordeaux. He started his apprenticeship in the craft at an early age, the first years in France then later in the United States. He worked in many different studios and workshops over several years and discovered very divers techniques before opening his first studio in Sonoma, California in 1980.

Ceramic singing bowls

two hands playing the singing bowls

The making of the singing bowls is very precise and demands a great attention to details. The dimensions of the bowl determine it's frequency of vibration, the shape determines the tonality, the color of that vibration.