Singing Bowls Gallery

Singing Bowl I - F# 381 Hz

A small singing bowl with a strong and pure voice. The sound rises easily as the rim is turned with the mallet. learn more...

Singing Bowl II - E 329 Hz

The voice of this bowl is high and fluted, it's particular vibration is positive and stimulating... hear the note.

Singing Bowl III - D 297 Hz

A note rises and strengthens gradually, as the bowl rings and a vibration is propagated through the air, through the body... learn more

Singing Bowl IV - C 260 Hz

This bowl's vibratory signature is clear and precise something like an inner voice... listen to the recording.

Singing Bowl V - B 254 Hz

This bowl emits a warm and low frequency that invites introspection, a note that alies earth and fire... learn more...

Singing Bowl VI - G 195 Hz

This is a powerful bowl with a deep resonance, the foot allows more control holding the bowl while playing...learn more...