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The bowl is the primal form of the vessel or container, it reproduces the gesture of two hands coming together to cup, to contain and retain vital liquids or food. Collecting, containing and keeping for later are prerequisites for any human culture to develop.

All other types of vessels are based on this original shape which has accompanied us since the beginning and has taken on a multitude of aspects according to the periods, places and functions.

Discover the pleasures of a beautiful object used in daily life. A special vessel can serve to transform the experience of the present moment; a curve in the hand, a lightness, a balance, a lip on the thin edge of a bowl of hot tea...

The container + the contained is = to more than the sum both parts

Vessels Gallery

Ceramic artist Laurent Merchant

two hands throwing a bowl

Laurent Merchant was born in 1958 near Bordeaux. He started his apprenticeship in the craft at an early age, the first years in France then later in the United States. He worked in many different studios and workshops over several years and discovered very divers techniques before opening his first studio in Sonoma, California in 1980.

Ceramic singing bowls

two hands playing the singing bowls

The making of the singing bowls is very precise and demands a great attention to details. The dimensions of the bowl determine it's frequency of vibration, the shape determines the tonality, the color of that vibration.